Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Reproductive Unionisation of Destructive Industries (RUDI) invite you to
strike against neoliberal cultural capital production through psychic
workers methods of DesaKalaPatraGraphy and Monstration

There is no possibility of either political or artistic revolution -
rather we need to organise as psychic reproductive and destructive
workers. Rudi Dutschke's calls to destroy NATO have been realised and
recuperated by the German state with their EU army in policing the borders
of the EU and the Situationists unitary urbanism recuperated by the IDF in
their ethnic cleansing programs. We return to Deutchje's calls for
solidarity with third world Marxists by raising the banned banners of the
PKK and YPG in our hypergraphics and DesaKalaPatraGraphics to form
monstrations and attack documents and 3sf events in realising Frank Fanons
call for decolonisation as " the creation of a new culture, a new language
and a new humanity"

The session will consist of
1 short presentation on the alytus art strike and the methods of
situgraphy aka DesaKalaPatraGraphy and monstration
2 a practical making exercise and then
3 planning session for interventions into the football and documents
events of the following days

We will begin at around 10am and break for lunch before the plenary planning session

10am Friday 18th August, Kunsthochechule Kassel 

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